Hello world!

As promised, my blog is commencing with this introduction to the marvelous mind of mine.

I am apparently not built for last minute changes in my work schedule. I self medicate with online shopping. Hence my fabulous summer dress and shoe collection and the dismal state of my bank account…

I have just completed the most grueling exam of my career. I have no idea my score and refuse to talk about it for at least another month. At which point I will hopefully have found a better form of self medication and/or no need of it. If someone even hints at frikin exercise…their comments will be promptly removed from the site. Here is for indulgence, here is for sanity, here is for me. And thus: NO TREADMILLS ARE ALLOWED. Don’t give me any bullshit about the elliptical either because that’s only for when you’re injured or punked out of the treadmill. Yeah I said it. The elliptical is the punk cardio machine. It’s not as bad as the bike however (which is forever encumbered by fat asses who have no business on bikes and all they do is distract me into thinking jeez he must like, have no junk left, her clit is probably numb as shyt, and this is just a set up for chub rub out of control).

Side note: there will probably be a lot of punctuation (because I love it) in the form of semi colons, colons, and parenthesis in this blog. I would add elipsies here but I have no idea how to spell it. Those of you who need to holler at hooked on phonics need not apply. You will be confused. You will try and make fun of my use of commas. I WILL DESTROY YOU. There will also be a lot of side notes, as anyone who knows anything about me. This is how I think.

Back to the point (laughable, I wasn’t making a point. Look above and tell me if you can find the point), second year is finished, I have discovered online shopping, and fuck the treadmill.

So on to third year you say. But this is me here, vacay is clearly necessary. Normally I would put a picture here like from Sunny St. Lucia or a video from FAMU grad partaaaaaaaaay but…I lost my camera. It seems that each vacation I go on I need to save an extra 300$ for some piece of invaluable electronics that I will lose. Now I have to forgo online shopping for like another month. And on top of that I had to pay for frikin tires instead of shoes. The Steve Madden CarySag Glitter Platforms! Kill me now.

As it turns out, I am grateful for this momentary lapse into maturity and budgeting and all of that other foolishness (which reminds me I need to call me dad about my PIN number for my FAFSA) because of the beautiful schedule I returned to coming back from Florida vacay.

Sunday: drive back to Durham from Charlotte

Monday-Wednesday: Transition course on Chapel Hill

Wednesday night: drive back to Charlotte and sleep on Lauren’s couch

Thursday: transition course in Charlotte (yeah I found that out via facebook)

Thursday night: fly to California (yeah I said it!)

Sunday morning: fly back to charlotte

Monday: drive back to Durham

Tuesday: orientation in chapel hill (yeah I found that out today)

Tuesday night: drive back to charlotte

Wed-…because they don’t have our schedules yet Charlotte internal medicine rotation

Actually moving to charlotte= also ??? because of the above

I am giggling madly on my couch trying to stay away from Modcloth…Fuck me I think I’m going to exercise…LIES…still gotta pack for Cali, gonna eat a popsicle instead.

Tomorrow, I promise, this will be more coherent.

Because I love lists and this is an intro after all

What I’m listening to: Prince (clearly), Tribe Called Quest, Dwele, and

What I’m wearing: Anne taylor loft like whoa!!! Had to dress right for el hospital

What I’m contemplating buying: Anything Modcloth, a love seat, new curtains

What I’m reading: Finishing up Job (for my soul), rando romance trash (for my mind), friend’s blogs  (for my heart)

What I’m watching: Deadliest catch, the World Cup, and wtf is going to happen to the Miami Heat- aaaaaaaaa Lebron, D wade, you’re killing me here! PTI stop with the speculation!

What I’m loving: Old things redone. I’m in a mood to decorate, to throw away and start over. I’m loving vintage dresses and accessories but new hair and shoes. I want to bake meatloaf in a cherry apron and red boyshorts so I can show off my new tattoo (still in the works, gotta wait for my girl to get her tattoo license)

What I’m hating: In between land. I hate the preparing for transitions, let’s just move shall we?! Interpret accordingly.


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