P.S.A. and rampage

Ok- so I clearly wrote this a wk or so ago, and was in a bit of a rage…but I find it amusing to remember

P.S.A. and rampage

I am PMSing and I have to budget so I can’t go shopping. I feel like I need to post a P.S.A. on my car on my drive to charlotte today for all the N.C. drivers. Something like “Get out of my fast lane if you’re driving under 85”. Because I really don’t have the patience and apparently my brake lights aren’t working. Yes, the cause of my budgeting this month: my car. My aggravation started last week when I had to pay for tires rather than the aforementioned (earlier post) shoes. It continued today when I paid 40$ for an oil change, another 40$ for my transmission fluid and the comforting anecdote of “Oh yeah, your brake lights aren’t working and it’s probably a blown fuse and no, we don’t replace those but Advanced Auto Parts is across the street”. WHAT DO I CARE ABOUT FRIKIN ADVANCED AUTO PARTS! I CAN’T EVEN POP THE HOOD!

I have to be in frikin Charlotte for an am rotation tomorrow morning and have no idea what my schedule is. I’m living on a friend’s couch because since I don’t know my schedule I can’t schedule movers and I’m trying to be supportive to my “It’s Complicated”-yes I’m calling him that- about how sad he is to be back at work after two weeks in Greece and 4 days in the Hamptons.

Those of you who know me are probably confused at this point.

I’m trying to be patient and supportive rather than…well  I suppose the opposite b/c I’m trying to show him that we could still have a relationship that wks even though I get 1 day per wk off and he lives 2hrs away.

I can’t believe I just wrote that on paper (which, for me, is more meaningful than saying it out loud. I’m writing this in pencil so maybe I could erase but-let’s also try on a bit of vulnerability here and leave it out there). I guess there’s something to be said for the pseudo-annonymity that is online journaling.

In either case, given the abrupt change from family barbeques in California (where my mother bought a huge jug of Chai tea-the kind that requires a spiget, mangoes, Ethiopian food with friends, ex-boyfriends (yes he goes on the happy list and yes I just put a parenthesis inside a parenthesis) and just people who get me) to being forced to budget and buy ugly shoes…I repeat “Get out of my lane if you’re driving under 85”. And I extend “the trying on patience is only for ‘It’s Complicated’”.

What? Wait, why are you buying ugly shoes? you might say.  Because I’m working an 80hr work week I’d reply-on my feet. And while I will sacrifice much in the way of comfort to look cute, my Achilles tendon is not in that number. In accordance, I went to DSW to try and find reasonably priced ugly shoes. I found UGLY shoes that were also NOT COMFORTABLE. Explain this to me link.

I will admit that I basically picked up all the shoes I would normally shudder at and poked at the soles to find arches but what more can you ask of me? Birkenstocks are____ and look like_____. Danskos cost like over 100$ and look like_____. Naturalizers juke left, and go right. You look at them and go ‘ugly, these have potential’  you look at the soles –again, potential- then you try them on and discover that while putting air holes as vents in the arches of shoes may sound like a good idea, your weight will compress both the holes and the arches together.

I’m afraid to look online for shoes lest I be overcome by the temptation that is RueLaLa, ModCloth, and Gilt. I haven’t pulled my computer out of my backpacks. I HAD MY CABLE TV TURNED OFF TO HELP WITH THE BUDGETTING! I’m sitting in my unpacked apartment eating a popsicle and burrowing under my DUKE blanket to read my newly acquired mind trash ( Nalini Singh: Bonds of Justice. I realize while writing that the title sounds all freaky bondage trashy but it isn’t. I can’t get down with that get down… (well, never say never but I’m not married and bored so I’ll amend to I can’t get down with that get down…yet). Which reminds me, considering the fragility of any It’s Complicated relationship, plus distance, I might need to remember to pack my BOB in with these professional clothes, and sleep in my own apt with my air mattress.


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