Must Find Never Never Land

Frikin Capt Hook aka Satan, is trying to ruin my life. I have been avoiding growing up in all sorts of fashions- refusing to learn how to do my own taxes, refusing to budget (which we shall hereafter refer to as “that which will not be named ( TWWNBN)”) refusing to start studying for the internal medicine shelf exam, avoiding the gym – I cannot believe I admitted to that out loud and will now have to make this blog private-(which is downstairs), eating salad…and desert everyday, and ignoring my ex-boyfriends phone calls/text messages/ emails. But all of my procrastinating ways are starting to catch up to me-FML.

I don’t feel like recapping the past week since I last updated this blog but suffice it to say I’m going to have to take a break from happy hour

Sidenote: I fell completely on my face while leaving a bar Monday night- story is below

I’m going to have to postpone game night with TimmyTim ( I will be leaving a description of him at some point- shameless advertising of my eligible guy friends) to flipping study. I’m going to have to start working out because being on the code team in the hospital is no fun if you need oxygen too by the time you reach the coded patient. And Dots Café (free food for medical students) will have to officially consist of only the salad bad. And…apparently, at 24, when you want to go to France in a few months and Japan within the year you have to TWWNBN. Which means all the fabulous finds I am emailed about everyday from ModCloth and RueLaLa MUST BE IGNORED in favor of rebuilding my savings account.

If you are depressed reading this, welcome to the club. So to give some light entertainment after the sad story that is maturity, I give you…all the blog writing I should have been posting and haven’t . Enjoy


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