Shoes or Lingerie

So I don’t know where the grocery store is yet, but I’ve figured out both the drive and the bus route to the mall. And the mall has a food court so that’s kind of the same, right?

I went shopping originally to buy, well, lingerie. And I came back out with, well, shoes…story of my life. This is y my bf is telling me to budget.

And I did, frikin victoria secret. You need to mentally prepare yourself for that place. It’s worse than swimsuit shopping, and more expensive! I’m sorry- not paying 60$ to feel uncomfortable as shyt. Besides, uncomfortable is NOT sexy.

So my budgetting attempts were going well, until I self medicated with Express’ new dress collection. I bought a skirt on clearance tho for 11$ Doesn’t that count? Pretty please?!

To round out the day ESPN is pacifying me with the X games until preseason football starts. Carolina is already tempting me with game tickets to UNC vs LSU in ATL and the niners game in Charlotte…all of a sudden the bf loves that I’m not budgetting…and who needs lingerie when you have sports center?


One thought on “Shoes or Lingerie

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    #1. Only because you are in med school is the food court = to the grocery store.

    #2. Yes, Victorias Secret is MAD expensive and yet I continue to shop there whenever I need anything lingerie-related. It’s sad.

    #3. Yes, clearance skirt is budgeting to me! Except you bought shoes too…. so maybe not?

    #4. My bf would probably concur with that last sentence… I am officially a football guy’s gf.

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