Mutterings of an Outpatient

All my skirts have become high waisted- good thing it’s in

Turned on some crazy “Hip Hop and R and B station”…and had to switch to J. beibs- yeah I said it. J beibs is the truth!!!

And then you know what happened- I broke down and swithched and that one song about “Get big” and “you ain’t got enough money” comes on and all I can think is hello Cash money ala get your roll on. Seriously my people- you can’t call it inspiration when it’s just the same thing. Just earlier today I was singing “Shake it westiside, throw your hands up let’s ride”- with Carlton and hearkening back to the good old days when I could eat corn dogs without tums.

Wait hold the phone- I remember y I switched to J Beibs. This shyt was on.

It’s like You put down your cat for it’s own good and then shyt came bk alive and had the nerve to meow at you. Pit Bull- let Enrique go. Enjoy He sounds like what would happen if Britney Spears and Alvin and the Chipmunks got it on.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh LoFry just exposed me to the reason she can’t get down with Pit Bull. “You look like the healthy type so here goes some egg whites”. I didn’t get it at first. She did a hand mime demo. I get it now.

So on the drive down here Tristan becomes completely enamored with this application on my phone. It’s called Love positions. Yeah…story of the life I want to have. It friking has animated pics that move! She found out that they move!

Lauren is looking over my shoulder despite the fact that I have told her to STOP! And asking me type bigger bc it looks like wingdings- see how awesome I am!

And another thing- I heard a commercial for Rent and Roll. Apparently this is where one can go to rent rims for 25$ for the first week. So ladies don’t trust the car- trust the pecs.

Bought fun dip at the gas station- hehehehehehehehe

A commercial for robot unicorn attack for iphone just came on. I have no words


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