You Remind me of my Jeep!!!…:? :/…

I know- this post was supposed to be about the new salon I got waxed at, and I promise that story is coming- however, the gchatting events of today cannot be ignored.

first up- the danger of sending your significant other “songs that remind you of them”  ( tell me someone else wanted to sing  “You remind me of my jeeeeeeeep“when you read that. Side note- the title of that song is actually, You Remind me of Something, which is way less fun)

Second in the line up is taking it up the rear entrance, and yes- this is related to the first topic

Third is being dumped via text ( and I really wish I could say that was related to the first two- just for entertainment value, but alas…)

So, a person who shall remain nameless stated that a song reminded him of me. I’m not playing the song before I give my interpretation of the following comments because all ya’ll will take his side. Admittedly, I didn’t listen to the song until after hearing said comments as well (yea I’m only admitting that now : /). So the song link pops up and the first lines he sends me are “I wanna f#@! your a$$…aspirations” . He sent that aspirations comment a whole line down. Which- for those of you who know me, is entirely too late. I have already moved from oh that’s so sweet to nervousness to WTF?!!! Like, My jaw literally hung open there for all the flies in the world to enter unhindered. I snapped it shut and replied eloquently with exactly what was on my mind- WTF?! I mean, as I’ve stated before, I can get down with most get downs- but a) we’ve talked about this before and- I thought- mutually agreed on no thank you kindly b) who brings this up via gchat!? with no introduction, and right after this song reminds me of you?! Now I’m really concerned as to the lyrics of the song.

My roomate is currently singing the “Behind the frigerator, there lay a piece of glass, Ms. Suzie sat upon it and broker her little ask me no more questions…”song. This is related to the aforementioned story because truly- you only sang that in elementary school so you could get away with saying bad words. You could always fall back on saying “I said ask! I said ask!” when reprimanded. I felt the same way about this “I wanna f#$! your aspirations” line. He said the line, I said WTF, and he said “I said aspirations! I said aspirations!” hmmm…

The second line sent was “see, I like the person that you are, but I’m in love with the person that you have potential to be”. Admittedly, I was still stuck on that first favorite line to appreciate this second one. And, if we’re completely honest here, I’m still a bit insecure in this newly stated out loud love (Did I mention I was in love? b. The song “Nobody’s supposed to be here” comes to mind). So if you say I love you, and then within two weeks start anything with I like you, I’m thinking you’re reneging on the first statement. It’s a bit of a downgrade. Right? Anybody? My roomate says I was still in a bad mood from the first comment, and therefore can’t properly judge the second. Getting back to the original line- I would like some further clarification. How do you feel ladies? How do you feel gentlemen? Do you want someone to love you for who you are or who you can be? ok that was a leading question- see look how fair I’m being! Just feed back, gimmie feedback. And gimmie songs! Songs I should listen to, song that remind you of your mother/lover/sister/brother/father/jeep. BTW, this is the song

There are so many beautiful things about music; the creation; the build; the breaking down and rebirth. The end for the artist, which is just the beginning for so many others. The way it can take a hold of you, and other people who have nothing in common with you but that song. The way it can make you remember a moment, remind you of a person…It’s like cooking… or pringles. You know all you want to do right now is go listen to music, and make music, and get more music- once you pop…

Now- moving to the dumping via text. It wasn’t so dramatic as all that- it was more of a date cancelling via text. Which just happened to a dear friend of mine. The boy keeps trying to ask about ways to make it up to her. She isn’t answering back. I feel like that is a lesson to all awkward moment texters ( I like to think of myself as reformed. I broke up with my first boyfriend via voicemail and I was thanking God the whole time that I was talking to the voicemail). The trouble is, just as you wont have to deal with the person’s reaction- they don’t have to deal with yours. Given the massive miscommunication that was my song via gchat ala “computer love” or “digital get down” if you like, I feel the need to shout to the world- we gotta get back to talking, in person, to people.

I’m at the beginning of my psychiatry rotation in the hospital. It seems apt that now, I should shore up my courage- and talk to people. hmmm…

Gimmie songs, gimmie what get downs you would not get down with, gimmie a call!


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