Happy V-day

This is not going to be what you were expecting from my Vday post- I still have to ask the bf how much of that weekend I’m allowed to put up here for all to see…but this post is still about love.

So my dad asked me straight up today on the phone in an unrelated conversation “So you and this boy aren’t having unprotected sex are you?” THIS IS REAL PARENTING PPL!!! THIS IS WHY SEX ED WORKS! THIS IS Y I LOVE MY LIBERAL PARENTS. ( I love that I put no transition between that first paragraph and the beginning of this one, but I promise I’ll tie it together)

ok now, following the question I was like…um, “I may or may not”- and quickly diverted the next series of questions to reasons y my dad needs to mail me my health insurance card. But all awkwardness aside, folks- awk conversations, especially with your children, are so necessary. I’m so glad my parents and I were not friends (apparently still aren’t. Who just asks that out of the blue?!). All the friend-parent kids turned out a mess. I on the other hand, bore the brunt of many an awkward conversation, many a spanking, many a late night homework session and as a result I am not preggers and I do not have the herp. We’re gonna sprinkle a little “blessings and God watches over fools” into that reality but truly- I love my mom and my dad and their courage. I’m sure they didn’t want to be the ‘strict’ parents, the ‘dorky’ parents…bc apparently they were neither dorky or strict at all before I popped out. But they were strict and dorky as hell- for me. They were absolutely fearless in their love: unrequited, sometimes unwanted, sometimes unreciprocated. They are my best example. I love them dearly. So it’s a few days late- but Happy V day mom and dad


2 thoughts on “Happy V-day

  1. Chelle says:

    Yep that’s us,proud,concerned and we unconditionally LOVE our children.If you parent right with God the first go round,the trust, the sincerity,and the friendship will follow. It’s tough having to discipline, have courageous conversations and still be honest about your own experiences, but it’s worth it.Childrens lives depend on being the very best parent one can be and that sometimes means making the not so easy demands,setting of standards and expectations upon ones children.

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