I just wanna dance

I’m supposed to be studying, but Prince is on my pandora and I’m chillin in a cafe full of warm roasts and surrounded by sunshine. All I wanna do is spit that fly shyt. I wanna dance in circles and write. I want to enroll in spanish class, and italian, and french. I’m feeling particularily romantic. I want to eat nothing but wine and cheese and fruit. I want to run on down to yoga class. I want to online shop like you read about- mostly for CDs and earrings. I want to stroll around with nothing but my camera- taking pictures of flowers on wooden slats- decayed from too much water, and vines growing between the slats- mocking nails and construction; flowers screaming we are more powerful, and more persistent, and alive. I want to read trashy romance novels- and try writing one myself. The left side of brain is kicking the right’s ass- damnitt, I have to get back to this Qbank.


Sisters, Sundresses, and Sunglasses

A triad of sisters in sundresses and sunglasses- all below the age of seven just walked into my coffee shop. How can I study with such sweet distraction? All blonde curls bouncing and the anti-pretentious hats- those things were straight out of summer camp. Mom was probably one of those fair skinned people that actually read about protecting your baby blues with sunglasses. It’s sad I can relate something so adorable to medschool notes- I’m being taken over by sunscreen stats and now I’m mixed between applauding her for reducing her children’s risk of skin cancer in the future and just allowing myself to love how adorable sisters in sunglasses can be. Completely carefree of style, inhibition, and melanoma. …bk to my question sets