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You would think, given my daily experiences with mortality, that perhaps I would be less shaken by the passing of Steve Jobs today. But this man inspires, and inspired me to write today- and for that I am incredibly grateful. Just like everyone else I think, I’m grateful for my mac and my ipod and my iphone and all- but really I think that thanx would have to extend outwards- away from that man, and to the entire company and I’m not about all that- thanking corporate. What I am more thankful for- and more cognizant of is the incredible reach of his creativity and courage.

I think so many of us have that creativity within; hence all the cameras everyone buys and the deep pictures we take of ourselves staring off into oblivion. Hence the paint covering our fingers, or ink stains over our hands. The mornings after creation, where your wake up fully able to take a deep breath and rest. To look back at what you did and be proud. However, that next step- the one that places all of our essence for the world to see, to critique- is where many of us back off. The transition from writing in pencil to writing in pen took me years. I still hide poems in my journal- secreting away all that which is quite possibly brilliant in fear of reproach- or worse, indifference.

All that Apple, and its brilliant advertising staff embodies refutes this. It glorifies geeks, progress, youth, individualism, and hot pink checkered hoodies. It makes you want to skateboard, and listen to music, and make your own movies. And more than that- it tells you that you can- it inspires, and encourages, and I’m starting to get cynical looking at all that I’m writing and how effective their marketing plan is.

The point being the man was brilliant, and he makes me want to write. I love men like that.

Rest is for the weary. Create in Peace- steve jobs

Steve Jobs Commencement Address



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