I’m C-walking Across That Stage

Today was another one of those days when you have to scream from the top of your lungs “The Devil is a Liar!” Oh it started off well enough. I’m back on the interview trail and I love CMC, on this side of the examination table neway. Dinner with the residents last night felt like I was bk with my girls trying not to gossip in front of people who didnt know who we were talking about while simultaneously trying to include them in the gossip and fill in enough details for everyone to laugh at all our inside jokes. They keep telling us that at some places you will just feel like you belong. These girls, and Tim, are the homies. I felt like I was at home.

Which can sometimes go poorly for interviews, you start saying things like “you know” and “btw” and “what it is'”…Not to say that I don’t think I held it together, but I’ve unfortunately let slip that this blog exists, and we all know how I don’t censor. In either case, after the interview day ended I came home to…well…a clusterf$!% ( agh the censoring has begun!)

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m scheduled to have a minor surgery on Tuesday. I also turned 26 2 wks ago. This would be problematic except for the fact that I automatically got 31 days extension on said insurance and applied and was accepted into the extended coverage program.

So my surgery office called me about all of this business yesterday. I called BCBS to make sure all my insurance would cover everything, BCBS called the office back to tell them I was covered and everything should have been ok. Then this afternoon a different office in the surgery office had apparently not communicated with the Surgery scheduler ( Theresa is awesome btw) so they threatened to bump my surgery if I didn’t pay them $4,000 by Tuesday morning.

At which point I called around the world, and so did Theresa to prove once again, that I was covered so I wouldn’t be treated like a self-pay patient, only to be directed to this drone who clearly hated her job and couldn’t think past the page telling her I was 26 to think who populated that page. I absolutely hate dealing with people who hate their job, especially on fridays. So by the end of the evening I decided just to pay these fools and get in writing that BCBS will reimburse me. Mind you I’m leaving out a lot of frustrated phone calls and emails and everything else proving that even I, who have insurance, who is health care literate, and who has the money in cash to pay for it even without the insurance- is still screwed by the healthcare system we have in place.

It was time to laugh to keep from crying. I’m going to graduate any minute now and take care of my own damn health issues, Harry Potter 7 came out today, my mommy is on a plane to visit me, and all will be right with the world. Perhaps this was a timely reminder. As I travel across this country proclaiming my love of the urban underserved I’m still honest about things I don’t love about that care. I don’t love how angry patients are when you’re running behind, I don’t love patients who are eligible for insurance who won’t get it, I don’t love parents who refuse to vaccinate their children based off BS they saw on TV propagated by some actor who never took a science class after it became know as an actual subject rather than just “7th grade science”. I don’t love clinics that look run down, or too small procedure rooms. I don’t love examining the teeth of people who clearly haven’t had any one else look in their mouth in years, or checking dorsal pedal pulses in advanced peripheral arterial disease. Lets be honest, shyt is gross. So perhaps I needed a reminder, a reminder of what it feels like to be on the other side of the exam table. To be vulnerable to people you don’t know. To literally be naked and exposed to anything and everything that could go wrong. To be frustrated, and snapped at, and to snap back. I’ll admit to having left some rather condescending voicemails over the past few hours- ya’ll know how I get when I’m angry.

But at the end of the day, after my daddy calmed me down by telling me all the reasons I’m smarter than everyone else, and my mommy just told me to “shut up and drive” or as Christin likes to say “Shit or get off the pot” my anger has been redirected. I’m angry at all the inconsistencies in our healthcare system that make access to care difficult. I’m angry at all the redundancy in both private and public insurance companies. I’m angry at the lack of cohesion between Electronic Medical Records and insurance records. I’m angry at the lack of training behind the workers that actually have to speak with customers so that they can understand and report on more than just what the screen says in front of them. I’m angry at the complete lack of quality control over this system…and for all of that I’m more understanding of the patient who just says f- it, I’m going to the ED. Please believe if I presented there with my anemia and complained of some racing heart and shortness of breath I’d be admitted, surgery done, and they would be running BCBS down for their money, rather than having me do all the running on the front end. The ED has to see you. Which is making me less annoyed at my upcoming shift, and all the blasted viral illnesses that could have gone to see their primary care doctor.

After all, I just saw my primary care doctor today…at an interview no less, I haven’t seen that woman in months.

At the end of my ranting and raving to Daddy about our healthcare system I ended with something of a war cry. Just wait until I walk across that stage- I’m gonna take this health care system by storm!  And people say God works in mysterious ways, today he was less than subtle.







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