Brown Skin

The adventures in the vajazzling chronicles continue- well only kinda given that once again- there was no actual vajazzling involved. And good news folks! I finally found an American who can do it right at About Face and Body and the Americans use gloves! Side note- lemme know why the more recent Ex just had a debate with me about buying a used bed because it was on discount- which makes me very concerned about what I’ve been sleeping on for the past year and a half. I told him, ” Some things, like wine and condoms, you just don’t skimp on”. Which brings me back- I like a full circle, to the vajazzling.

This entry has been written in pieces over the past couple of days- so my thoughts aren’t exactly in chronological order. Also, I’m currently watching the Raiders game so I might punctuate my comments with waxing poetic about Calvin Johnson and crying about why Ndamukong Suh isn’t playing the way I want him to. So the week began with some questionable decision-making skills. And while I’m completely comfortable putting all of my business out there in an effort to remain open at the close of this year, I’m reluctant to talk about everyone else involved ( clearly my girls just need to make a phone call to get the deets…and jason…and jordan). In looking back, they’ve led to me to the new new years resolution- which shall be revealed…on New years.

Over the past few months, I’ve been all over the place with my confidence ( I promise this relates back to the waxing). As much as I’ve received clarity and piece of mind with my career, I’ve gone up, down and sideways with how I feel about my personal decision-making skills. From staying away from cheese ( “big ups to white people for taking cheese to the next level” – Fred Ousley) and trying to get back in shape to questionable travel plans made earlier this year; I’ve had quite a few moments that could have benefitted from some stat IV Prozac. I had most definitely gotten to the point where I was not going out without spanx or control-topped tights, heels at least 5″ high, eyebrows, nails, toes, makeup…done. It had been one of those weeks where you seriously consider punching anyone who even looks sideways at your tummy. But somehow, between being surrounded by old friends, and by making new ones ; ) , I’m starting to remember how to ‘kiss my own shoulders’- chinaka hodge. The combination of all the salt rub downs by my fellow women, and all the other rub downs done by…others – my skin is glowing again, and I am loving it.

All the waxing and ( Janikowski is insane!!!!!) the 8 and a half years it takes to do my hair and the tylenol I’m stocking up on because those fake nails hurt like hell the first day- I’m starting to actually believe- ONLY I CARE ABOUT! and while I could lie and say I’m going to granola it on out and stop…( GO RAIDERS!!! poor stafford) I actually like all these little things- bring on the living social mani-pedi deals!

One last thing- I’m one of those who goes to a california black church – Imani. Today, after the Black history moment, and looking up to see the First lady in her beautiful Red locks, I looked around and fell back in love with all the curly haired babies, and multicolored locks, and ( I might have to change my mine about this fool if he doesn’t stop clowning on my niners!) down at my own skin, covering all these extra curves I didn’t have in high school and smiled. I’m still smiling, and humming in my head “Brown Skin”.

If there’s ever been a time where you needed a hug, and got it- (or needed some Prozac and got it), if there’s ever been a time where you lost yourself- and got it back- Comment! ( Holy shyt calvin johnson!!! marry me now)


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