So there’s this drink called Moonshine Delight

I realize in writing this that I haven’t had a night out with just my girls in a minute. And while I love the fellas to be honest- there some conversations they just can’t actively participate in. ie. call room conversations where we make up the worst possible delivery situations we pray we’re never in- ie- the episiotomy with the shoulder distocia that wouldnt come out so you had to push it back in and have a c-section…or the 4th degree lac because they didnt do the episiotomy. See now I know every girl who understood that sentence, or who googled enough terms to get the gist- cringed in fear and decided to go to church next sunday.

We make up jokes about how we’re all going to be advanced maternal age and we’re saving up for our (in vitro fertilization) IVF. We talk about all the ways we’re NOT delivering eachother’s babies- or if so- how there’s never anything wrong with a little go litely around your due date. I’m personally putting myself on clears.

And this night was no different. we filled it with Lauren’s Nursing stories gone wrong- I think she’s gonna switch over to the dark side any moment so she can stop asking patients about their stupid pain scale. Her story started a little something like this: ” So I had to roll this patient over to the side and…” something about finding a PC way to look for pressure ulcers on the sacrum and Christin throws me under the bus “maybe you should’ve been in bed with Aminah and … then”. “What?!” have I not already gone into detail several times in real life and on this blog for all the world to know I do not get down like that! But apparently this is a reference to that one time where Me, JR, and Christin all slept in the same bed together…being 5′ 2″ sandwiched b/t your man who may or may not have had a bit too much and your girl who is 6′ tall is not cute.

And then off sparks Christin’s stories of the Price is Right and I have to make an anecdote about some Steve Harvey on this one: observe and enjoy: Penis…

this leads to a dessert where I’m taking a picture of Liz eating Chocolate cake- to which she replies “I’ve had photos taken of me with things in my mouth before…-awk silence ensues..–wait wait I didnt mean it like that!” Have you met my crew? there’s no recovering from that statement. Especially 1 too many moonshine delights in. To the girls of fall- it was a delightful evening!


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