Pleasure…and Punctuation

“I’m kind of tired of being conflicted about pleasure” Yalie always has such prophetic things to say in such a mundane tone. Or at least I imagine it’s a mundane tone since we are invariably talking via gchat.

Side note about gchat, and any other sort of newfangled means of communication: someone needs to come up with a set of commonly agreed upon rules of etiquette. I say this mostly because I feel like I am the only one in the world who bothers with saying bye on gchat- or via txt. When I say brb I don’t mean tomorrow. Then again- if I say lol after a long pause, in all likelihood I am actually not laughing- but filling in the awkward gap of silence with something. I am also not a fan of the gratuitous punctuation and smiley faces. My Ex has a whole shower curtain of newfangled smiley faces! Including (((0))) (Oh! for a surprised face) and 😕 ( for huh?). I feel like these are the types of smiley faces that require explanation. At that point, what is the purpose of the smiley face in general? Getting back to the gratuitous punctuation marks, I am beginning to get irritated by the overuse of the exclamation point. I feel like everyone and their mom’s dog are constantly excited about nothing. And then I find myself exclaiming everything back! It’s like talking to people whose eyebrows are waxed too high- you find yourself raising your eyebrows just to go with the flow and getting surprised about perfunctory statements.

This side note is beginning to take a while- and I find that while I could go on and on about how my generation including myself, is unable to have any sort of meaningful conversation in person- like- with other people, the first sentence about pleasure is probably what hooked you, and is considerably more interesting than my beef with communication foibles.

Pleasure is becoming a tricky thing, especially the older I get. I’m constantly excusing myself, and others shirking their pleasure duties ( I was getting ready to censor out this post- and try and make it about yoga, but let’s be real- I did not write that sentence thinking about yoga).

Oh this post is beginning to sound a lot like a new years resolution- and in a bit of a smirky-evil grin rubbing my hands together kind of way. It’s sounding mischevious almost, decadent, to spend a whole resolution on just pleasuring yourself- on loving yourself, and concentrating on yourself only. I’m almost afraid to say it- but I started out this post the same way I’m going to finish it: I’m sick of being conflicted about pleasure- so I won’t be anymore”. – Add gratuitous exclamation points at your leasure ; )


For some odd reason I’m remembering that I started out this blog loving lists, and one seems in order now

On my Pleasure Principles ( sing it like Janet!)

1) Touch, especially the warm lingering ones that move you straight from over-analysis to “yummy goodness I could sink myself into this touch”

2) Romance novels and good tea. Lord a good book and some honey can get you through any man troubles there are

3) My girls- including my momma and my sister and everyone in between

4) My boys- Steve Harvey tots has a point about creating the perfect one from a bunch of fools that don’t quite come up to scratch but until they make the everlasting D battery that can also put up new light fixtures- we ladies are going to have to deal

5) Cooking- which reminds me, I need to bake some mac n cheese and pumpkin bread tomorrow

6) Good Red wine

7) My hair, and my skin and that’s bringing me back to warm touches again


feel free to share your lists, your resolutions, your grievances with punctuation!




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