Closing out the year- kinda

I am intimidated by my schedule of events today. I’m not sure if it’s truly the end of this year making feel like I need to push everything into today that can possibly be done, or perhaps the series of random but fortuitous events that has been my life over the past few weeks, or maybe just me being a spaz as usual- but I feel the need to “wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed“- curtis mayfield style.

To do:

1. Try on my outfit for tonight…let’s be real- I’m mostly just trying to see how uncomfortable these spanx, and these platforms are going to be. After which point I will determine how much fun I can truly afford to have at dinner.

5 min later: I’m conversing with my cousin via text extolling the virtues of SPANX. I’ll admit, I was having a full blown Aminah Spaz attack at 8:30 in the morning dreading squeezing into what I was thinking would feel like going the opposite direction into the Jaws of life. 

I confess to a poorly fought bought with Jack and The Box 2days ago that left me dazed and confused and I’m sure of it- 5lbs heavier. So I woke up this morning nervous about eating dinner tonight.

Nervousness averted! Now while I still foresee some unforeseen challenges in the misadventures with SPANX this evening- I am ready to face them head on with a flat stomach. Now to see if my Mggellan’s fit well into my pumps…

2. The random little details…”to flat iron or not to flat iron” my hair, “to wax or not to wax” my eyebrows, to get my nails done or not to get them done- And to pay the foolishness it will cost to do all of the above. Clearly I was ill-prepared for going out this NYE. I feel like New Years is the most overrated holiday there is- and I plan to rant about it as soon as I get rid of my headache tomorrow morning. And every year I tell myself I’m just going to chill and go to a house party. And every year I end up gorgeous and uncomfortable at 1am. And at this point, the random little details matter.

When you’re cold, and that champagne has worn off, and you’ve finally given in and taken off your pumps, the fact that your toes are done in your flip flops becomes a big deal. When you are trying to fit three girls’ butts on a single barstool and realize that most of your weight is balancing on the kindly gentleman next to you- the fact that your nails look good on his arm suddenly comes to the forefront.

3. That real ish…like meditation, and preparation for the new year. This is always the step I’m tempted to rush. Like I want to figure out what God wants me to do with my life quickly so I can get on and do it…this approach to the daily devotional does not work. And it makes me chuckle that 26years later I’m still all about rushing the journey and hitting the finish line. One would think you’d learn right? Like I’d figure out that while the SPANX are going to work for tonight- if I wake up and have another oyster fritata for breakfast ( thank you Aunt Mary’s for my sanity thursday morning!) I’m eventually going to have to size up the suits I need to be wearing through the rest of January. It should stick by now that because I want to start the new year fresh and moving forward, that an ounce of preparation…And in keeping with that spirit- and because I promised to do real New Year’s resolution’s this year- I have a lot to do today.

I just pounded some coffee to get out this post- and am discovering that perhaps that wasn’t the best step in preparation for the meditation time… So I’m off to get these nails done, and hope I’m not the only one in down dog today with a pink and white set 😉

…btw I looked up the word Mggellan to see if I was spelling it right- only to discover I have clearly made up this word in reference to the Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts. I’m keeping it.


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