I Set Fire to the Rain

I think I had forgotten about music; forgotten about how it unites, how it heals, how it is so much frikin fun. It happens, you take things, things that are elemental and integral to your soul for granted. I had considered writing last night about a gig I went to, had my haiku’s planned out- or at least the last line of one. It was going to go something like this:

that note there, right there

and that’s all I had. Because I didn’t bother thinking any more, feeling any farther. I knew it would come back. And that’s because music does that, life does that. you will feel that happy again- and play that song. You will hurt that deep again, and that one album will bring u back. So here’s to the fact that I could recognize moon river being played last night from all the years of that damn violin.

I’m watching the grammy’s right now, after trying my damndnest NOT to be one of those classic ‘crying at Adele songs fans’ during her 60minute special. It helped that I kept getting distracted and drooling over Anderson Cooper. That Adele crying jag is OVER- that fool was so last summer and all that… ( fake it till you make it style).  Not to say that the crying itself is over…I’m done making those promises to myself. It’s like the classic “Lord, if you just get me out of this situation I promise to never_____ again”…LIES.

pause, the lead of the Foo fighters just talked about bringing back the human element in music. I feel like anything without the human element is just noise, I’m just glad- at least so far in the grammy’s, we have gotten away from awarding Noise.

And in a tribute to music, and humanity, and just fun, another one of these bands was covering the beach boys- and since I am clearly an idiot, I asked my parents if that was them out there. My dad goes, “nah Aminah- they’re old. That would be like me out there tryna tap my toes and count- arthritis kick in and everything” as he demonstrates trying to tap his feet on beat. Oh gracious, this is what I have to look forward to.

But I am looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to dancing all sorts of moves from 20years ago to an afro-cuban cover band at someone’s 60th birthday party ( the gig last night). I’m ready to be completely comfortable and secure in my own skin; enough so I can enjoy the familiar touch of someone else’s on it. I’m ready to be the one giving the advice, and laughing at my own youthful foolishness, and the fools I allow to control it. Oldie but goodie advice below:

On Penis Power

And to dancing, and singing, and running around naked. It’s time to Set Fire to the Rain .


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