Aint Got it Like I Used to (in Honor of Prom)

So tonight is Medschool Prom. To those of you who are unaquainted, it’s exactly what u think it is. The entirety of the Medical School is going to get dressed up, drink too much, try and pull it together in front of the dean, and then go as low as you can possibly go in a cocktail dress.

In prepping for this Prom, I’m reminded of another- the original. And in my reflection on that day, in preparation for this one, I have determined that the more things change…

For example, the freshman who actually go through the bother of dressing up in full gown and tux will be appropriately talked about by the oh so jaded upper classmen. We’ll roll our eyes and laugh about how they take this stuff way too seriously. We’ll bash the DJ and sip sip on the slizzurp and laugh at the people who are still wearing the heels they came in on. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a prom where I got my make up done/ got waxed/ got my nails done/ came in a car not belonging to a friend/ cared about having a date/ or woke up alone the next morning. Ah that makes me sound like a rebel

But I think there is a lesson from all the chix in pink with rhinestones in their hair to all the other girls like me who have been to grown or too jaded or too cynical or too worldy to fully embrace all that is Prom. The lesson is: shake your grove thang shake your grove thang baby!!! And I plan to listen! Tomorrow I will regale you with stories of all the times I will invariably fall under the limbo pole bc I refused to take off my 6″ heels. I’m ready to “how low can you go” with every no rhythm having future doctor whose skill on the dance floor is inversely proportional to his liver function tests. I am ready for my close up Mr. Deville!

Ok- got a little carried away, and a bit off topic as well.


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