Pretty is as Pretty does

As I sit here on my computer desperately trying to convert myself over to my schedule working Nights over the next two weeks I find myself a little, ahem, can we say cranky? Now one would think I would come back from my vacation all refreshed and ready to get back to work but really, who comes back from vacation ready to work? Who comes back from vacation ready to do anything but go back on vacation? My mainstay- when this type of neurosis sets in, is to start planning my next vacation. Whether it actually happens or not, whether it’s a staycation where I do my own facial and mani-pedi or a huge trip to the World Cup in Brazil next year- it helps soothe the mind. It gives me Hope! Alas, The trouble with being in the “in-between” land that is residency, That which shall heretoforth not be named …evil budgetting… and all its truths and practicality came in tonight and kicked my vacation plans into the land of a dream deferred.

And so we were off to plan B. Yes I had taxes to file, and forebearance applications to submit ( didn’t I say ‘ that which will not be mentioned” is real?!) but those are not likely to help with the current state of crankiness. And since I have one of those jobs where it is apparently frowned upon to have a glass of wine…silly doctoring… I needed to resort to plan B, C, and D to finally calm down, stretch my neck, and move forward. I started out attempting to work on my book- the trouble I have discovered with that is the resident’s lounge/library is not quite, uh, conducive to the creative mindset. And getting irritated at the BF ( not his fault I’m cranky) doesn’t help you write out, shall we say, love scenes?

An Image from my Childhood: and the Inspiration for this title:


So then I decided that my pinterest, and current obsession with fashion could do with some spring cleaning and sprucing up. No I will not give out the site to said pinterest yet-ya’ll know I’m a perfectionist like that. So I went through countless blogs on blackness, feminism, and beauty and among all that some deign to be superficial (including some parts of myself)- I found some measure of peace. There is something to be said for beauty- and seeing it in yourself. I’m not talking about the high fashion magazines and eurocentric, eating disorder provoking, capitalistic cray crayness that populates most of the interwebs- but the informative and creative processes of small shops on Etsy- who let you send in your measurements and make your clothing from there and bloggers who are teaching women how to sew again. One of my new loves is The Amateur Escada who makes her own shirts with titles like FEARLESS but with subtle bible verses below. There are other fashionista’s who spend half their time blogging about where they found such and such vintage for less than 10bucks! and actually give you the link as well!! Much different from the competitive mindset so many of use Westerners use to get ahead in our careers, and similarly to have the “one of a kind” bracelet from so and so.

And so I was able then to make the successful transition from irritability, to acceptance, to fun and beauty, and move to the spiritual- which is my ultimate ground and foundation. For what has this blog, this journey, and true style all about other than to be FEARLESS: Psalm 46: 1-11. And to recognize true beauty…not that I might have a bone or two to pick with God about the Braids- because mine are BANGIN.

Since I still have a ways to go before I am officially off the proverbial hook that is my pager- I will take a pause for now. This turned out to be timely…blasted  hyperbilirunibemia keeping me awake!! ah well- at least I’ll be able to sleep through the day tomorrow- gtg Fearless Family

An Image from my Childhood: and the Inspiration for this title:


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