On Cooking…and Why I Should Get Back to Waxing

Really it’s why I should get back to writing about waxing but that’s not as fun of a title.

Sooo…despite the fact that this blog is pretty much dedicated to all of my rando adventures. I realize that I pretty much write about medicine ( both being a doctor and a patient), beautification stories (waxing/hair/do-it-yourself(DIY) gone wrong), and my spiritual journey. Like- I love college basketball, the NFL, and I’m pretty hardcorily ( love my made-up words) from the Left Coast, and I am always on some rando diet/work out plan…but I never write about that stuff. Also, while I do write about men I’m dating/have dated, most of those blogs end up in the past tense because I respect the relationship I’m currently in. And so…this post is a bit random. It’s about a failed posting…kinda.

I tried to make a video for ya’ll about me cooking Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps. However, I was too lazy to do my make-up/Hair and in the process of making the video I became more and more aware of the prominence of good lighting and a kitchen larger than- well mine- required to make a good video. I was alternating between making video clips with my computer and my phone ( I have no idea why I didn’t use my canon…silly Mina), and this resulted in all sorts of craziness. First I realized that I couldn’t get a good angle to film myself doing prep work- and this is the part that I think most people need to see. I tried to have my boyfriend (manfriend?) – wait- I can just say Man and the ‘my’ will imply that he is, well, mine…I digress. I tried to have him chop some onions for the cream sauce I was making…and half an hour later I had almost burnt the roux it was going in because who can make a roux sit for half an hour…really? So I realized how much people don’t get the difference between chop/dice/julianne…and because TV doesn’t really show any of this- I figured I would.

Ginger, Shallots, Plum Sauce, FIsh Sauce, and the ubiquitous wine

Ginger, Shallots, Plum Sauce, FIsh Sauce, and the ubiquitous wine

But this shot- I had to take, while like holding my camera phone between my boobs and my mouth to get the right angle. Obv couldn’t do much narrating like that. And then I settled for doing all the prep work and just videotaping me add it into the pot but disaster struck in the form of…couldn’t get the plum sauce open without having to use my TEETH, pulled the fish sauce cap too fast so it sprayed into my eye. Basically, I didn’t have enough wine.

I had still forgotten the basil at this point

I had still forgotten the basil at this point

       Basically I put all of the ingredients in but then I needed more oil, and half my ginger got stuck on the plate and as it turns out I needed two hands…


Alas, I got to the finished product. And it was amazing, and it was healthy, and it included the Basil I initially had totally forgotten ( but not the garlic I accidentally left minced in the fridge). Pause…Floetry’s It’s Getting Late is playing on my Pandora and since I am apparently being celibate I have GOT to CHANGE the SONG. Ok back again. I realized in this misadventure that while I love good food, much like I love sports, and amusement(I initially spelled that with a ‘z’) parks that all these facets are not meant to be in this one space. While my truth might be a picture of me damn-near slobberring over my culinary masterpiece- that might not be fit for public consumption…unlike my waxing stories. Let your girl have a little mystery! I’m sticking to what I know. This week- more DIY beautification for those of us city girls on a budget: Shaving your eyebrows…Brace yourself.


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