On Cooking…and Why I Should Get Back to Waxing

Really it’s why I should get back to writing about waxing but that’s not as fun of a title.

Sooo…despite the fact that this blog is pretty much dedicated to all of my rando adventures. I realize that I pretty much write about medicine ( both being a doctor and a patient), beautification stories (waxing/hair/do-it-yourself(DIY) gone wrong), and my spiritual journey. Like- I love college basketball, the NFL, and I’m pretty hardcorily ( love my made-up words) from the Left Coast, and I am always on some rando diet/work out plan…but I never write about that stuff. Also, while I do write about men I’m dating/have dated, most of those blogs end up in the past tense because I respect the relationship I’m currently in. And so…this post is a bit random. It’s about a failed posting…kinda.

I tried to make a video for ya’ll about me cooking Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps. However, I was too lazy to do my make-up/Hair and in the process of making the video I became more and more aware of the prominence of good lighting and a kitchen larger than- well mine- required to make a good video. I was alternating between making video clips with my computer and my phone ( I have no idea why I didn’t use my canon…silly Mina), and this resulted in all sorts of craziness. First I realized that I couldn’t get a good angle to film myself doing prep work- and this is the part that I think most people need to see. I tried to have my boyfriend (manfriend?) – wait- I can just say Man and the ‘my’ will imply that he is, well, mine…I digress. I tried to have him chop some onions for the cream sauce I was making…and half an hour later I had almost burnt the roux it was going in because who can make a roux sit for half an hour…really? So I realized how much people don’t get the difference between chop/dice/julianne…and because TV doesn’t really show any of this- I figured I would.

Ginger, Shallots, Plum Sauce, FIsh Sauce, and the ubiquitous wine

Ginger, Shallots, Plum Sauce, FIsh Sauce, and the ubiquitous wine

But this shot- I had to take, while like holding my camera phone between my boobs and my mouth to get the right angle. Obv couldn’t do much narrating like that. And then I settled for doing all the prep work and just videotaping me add it into the pot but disaster struck in the form of…couldn’t get the plum sauce open without having to use my TEETH, pulled the fish sauce cap too fast so it sprayed into my eye. Basically, I didn’t have enough wine.

I had still forgotten the basil at this point

I had still forgotten the basil at this point

       Basically I put all of the ingredients in but then I needed more oil, and half my ginger got stuck on the plate and as it turns out I needed two hands…


Alas, I got to the finished product. And it was amazing, and it was healthy, and it included the Basil I initially had totally forgotten ( but not the garlic I accidentally left minced in the fridge). Pause…Floetry’s It’s Getting Late is playing on my Pandora and since I am apparently being celibate I have GOT to CHANGE the SONG. Ok back again. I realized in this misadventure that while I love good food, much like I love sports, and amusement(I initially spelled that with a ‘z’) parks that all these facets are not meant to be in this one space. While my truth might be a picture of me damn-near slobberring over my culinary masterpiece- that might not be fit for public consumption…unlike my waxing stories. Let your girl have a little mystery! I’m sticking to what I know. This week- more DIY beautification for those of us city girls on a budget: Shaving your eyebrows…Brace yourself.


Diets Cause Writer’s Block

I haven’t really felt like writing. My thoughts seem to be running back and forth between the extremes of “God I hate diets” to “Praises for the bestest friends and family ever” and all of the highs and lows in between. Intern year is right at that point where you are simultaneously beginning to think you know what you are doing…and then being proven wrong- daily. The weight loss plan has moved from the easy and fast start to the laborious and slow plateaus. My attempts at drawing nearer to God is right at the point of the serious PRESS. It’s like the moment during the bench press where you are all at once thanking everyone for your spotter, who is doing most of the lifting at this point. The trouble is…I’m having a bit of trouble with that thankfulness part. I am not good with the SLOW BUT STEADY…anything.

Perhaps that is the point of these “in between” times; the grey zone- to remind me that clarity comes from within. This will, in all likelihood, not be the only time in my life where I am broke, tired, hungry, bored, and alternatively grateful, excited, and expectant all at the same time.  It will not be the last time I seem to want to write about all the things that I should hold inside for just a little bit longer, and cant find anything else that even makes me want to pick up a pen. And so- in the honesty that you have come to love about me…now that I’ve spouted all I can about the silver lining- a quick rant.

Yesterday I ate:

a protein shake with two bananas and some sort of skinny latte

a kale/pear/havarti cheese salad and lentil soup

fruit salad, tuna and regular house salad,

total cereal and greek yogurt,

and some broccoli/mustard green/pear/carrot juice mixed with flax seed and plain greek yogurt

– and I about STARVED


and so, after getting off work- I was a bit cranky during my studying for step 3. I had some trouble forcing my way through my workout Jillian Michaels is an evil beast). It hurt watching my cousin walk away from American Idol (more me than her).  And I managed to trick myself into believing I wasn’t irritated at my man for the combo of ” hey what r u wearing” attitude and “I promise I can pay attention to you while watching the Celtics/Lakers game” lies (I swear I am an old soul. My generation’s complete comfort with the lack of communication in texting is probably NOT coincedent with our inability to maintain faithful relationships unless we are quite literally wrapped around one another) .

In light of the aforementioned crankiness- I turned to my brief slice of sanity these days: a combination of Charles Stanley and The Biggest Loser– and went to bed at 9pm.

This morning- I’m already 1 protein shake, 1 banana, and 2 boiled egg whites into the day. Here’s to hoping that this moment of clarity will last. Am Haiku:

Clarity will last

For just as long as you do

Just outside my grasp


I am learning trust

In small doses: diets still suck

Humility reigns

Closing out the year- kinda

I am intimidated by my schedule of events today. I’m not sure if it’s truly the end of this year making feel like I need to push everything into today that can possibly be done, or perhaps the series of random but fortuitous events that has been my life over the past few weeks, or maybe just me being a spaz as usual- but I feel the need to “wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed“- curtis mayfield style.

To do:

1. Try on my outfit for tonight…let’s be real- I’m mostly just trying to see how uncomfortable these spanx, and these platforms are going to be. After which point I will determine how much fun I can truly afford to have at dinner.

5 min later: I’m conversing with my cousin via text extolling the virtues of SPANX. I’ll admit, I was having a full blown Aminah Spaz attack at 8:30 in the morning dreading squeezing into what I was thinking would feel like going the opposite direction into the Jaws of life. 

I confess to a poorly fought bought with Jack and The Box 2days ago that left me dazed and confused and I’m sure of it- 5lbs heavier. So I woke up this morning nervous about eating dinner tonight.

Nervousness averted! Now while I still foresee some unforeseen challenges in the misadventures with SPANX this evening- I am ready to face them head on with a flat stomach. Now to see if my Mggellan’s fit well into my pumps…

2. The random little details…”to flat iron or not to flat iron” my hair, “to wax or not to wax” my eyebrows, to get my nails done or not to get them done- And to pay the foolishness it will cost to do all of the above. Clearly I was ill-prepared for going out this NYE. I feel like New Years is the most overrated holiday there is- and I plan to rant about it as soon as I get rid of my headache tomorrow morning. And every year I tell myself I’m just going to chill and go to a house party. And every year I end up gorgeous and uncomfortable at 1am. And at this point, the random little details matter.

When you’re cold, and that champagne has worn off, and you’ve finally given in and taken off your pumps, the fact that your toes are done in your flip flops becomes a big deal. When you are trying to fit three girls’ butts on a single barstool and realize that most of your weight is balancing on the kindly gentleman next to you- the fact that your nails look good on his arm suddenly comes to the forefront.

3. That real ish…like meditation, and preparation for the new year. This is always the step I’m tempted to rush. Like I want to figure out what God wants me to do with my life quickly so I can get on and do it…this approach to the daily devotional does not work. And it makes me chuckle that 26years later I’m still all about rushing the journey and hitting the finish line. One would think you’d learn right? Like I’d figure out that while the SPANX are going to work for tonight- if I wake up and have another oyster fritata for breakfast ( thank you Aunt Mary’s for my sanity thursday morning!) I’m eventually going to have to size up the suits I need to be wearing through the rest of January. It should stick by now that because I want to start the new year fresh and moving forward, that an ounce of preparation…And in keeping with that spirit- and because I promised to do real New Year’s resolution’s this year- I have a lot to do today.

I just pounded some coffee to get out this post- and am discovering that perhaps that wasn’t the best step in preparation for the meditation time… So I’m off to get these nails done, and hope I’m not the only one in down dog today with a pink and white set 😉

…btw I looked up the word Mggellan to see if I was spelling it right- only to discover I have clearly made up this word in reference to the Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts. I’m keeping it.

Charlotte Restaurant Week

Admittedly I’ve only been here a week and so my restaurant knowledge is limited, especially because that week has been in the middle of restaurant week- a phenomena all cities should have and all people should take advantage of. But here, in my humble wanna-be foodie opinion: are some tidbits on tidbits.


A bit pretentious honestly, I was glad I had on a dress and lamented the fact that I hadn’t put on makeup. The waiters are big on flourish: a little extra sway of the hands here, a little fancy tie with a napkin around my wineglass there, a little mumbling when describing the wine so that I can’t tell you’ve forgotten the description… But the experience overall was gratifying. The steak was great and perfectly cooked- I can’t tell you how much I hate to get medium well when I mean medium. The whitefish my date had was also perfect. However, I can make a whitefish that good at home and I’m over people calling everything a prawn that isn’t popcorn shrimp. I don’t think it’s worth the pricing; you can get a better steak and a more memorable white fish elsewhere (the review of BLT Steak is to follow) but the food and the service are good nonetheless. I’ll definitely be back here again, but only for restaurant week. I’m not paying 15$ for two shrimp ( I mean tiger prawns) over sun dried tomatoes (I mean tomato compote) with mozzarella sticks ( I mean pimento sticks in fish fry) on a normal basis.


A great way to kick off my stay in Charlotte. I went with TimmyTim and Lofry and ordered the lamb medium with Char and mashed potatoes. So did Timmy.  LoFry got the linguine with Filet, Lobster, and Scallops with Asparagus. For appetizers we got the lobster with Avocado and the scallops with olive compote and a ricotta samosa thingy. The ricotta simosa thingy had no flavor. Everything else was phenomenal. After the size of the appetizers came out, and the waiters kept coming by with different trays of breads and sauces every five minutes, I was worried that I was going to be in for tapas sized food and…non-tapas…sized pricing but these people know how to feed you. The main courses arrived and firstly, LoFry’s linguine was not cooked. This was done on purpose. It was arranged in a basket and charred on the edges with all the meat inside. We joked about sending it back for being a bit too al dente but decided the wait staff had had enough laughs at our expense. Apparently we got a bit loud when one of the wines was 2,800 a bottle. I mean I love Napa but damn! Then LoFry made some crack about it being the crown of thorns( the linguine) and I tried not to laugh but I haven’t been to church in a few weeks and she caught me off guard! In either case, the rest of the meal went without fail. The portions are huge. Apparently, if you’re a guy like Timmy you can finish the plate…and have enough class to wipe up the sauce with the fancy bread they keep coming around with. But the rest of us mere mortals were thanking God for empire waists and the fact that we were going out to a bar next rather than a club (rather than going home as well to be honest bc I would have had heart burn like  a mofo trying to sleep on that meal). The lamb was cooked to perfection. It’s done in a peppercorn rub so definitely just say no to the cracked pepper. The mashed potatoes were really just there to tease you into satiety. It got to that point where you’re pushing them to the side just because you have to make a call between lamb and potatoes and I can make potatoes like that at the house (so can you, just quit with the diet stuff and grab some real butter, some real cream, and some real-with the salt- chicken broth). Ok this post is getting way to long. Suffice it to say that every drop of that non-restaurant week price was worth it. They weren’t on the list. They don’t need to be.

BLT Steak

What can I say?, other than that the venue was cute, the service was fun, the people wore sundresses and there was a single guy sitting next to us, the blue neon lights outside were ridiculous, and the food was amazing- except the dessert- just go to Ritas. TimmyTim and LoFry were the road dogs once again. And here the Sea Bass was actually memorable, I have decided that Hanger Steak is my favorite kind (ah yes I remembered why I wasn’t loving the meal at M5!- I got a flank steak and I hate the fat/meat texture conflict and the fact that I look like an ass trying to cut it all off) just because of the flavor and, if cooked right, the tenderness as well( side: Spice Street in Chapel Hill makes a mean hanger steak as well and it’s a bit of a twist for flavor due to the Mediterranean influences on the food). They give you a lot of fun things like bread, unsalted butter, and sea salt. Restaurants that do things like this, but then look down their noses at people who want cracked pepper on their beefsteak tomato make me laugh. Another thing that was to die for was the beefsteak tomato. That- I would pay 15$ for, which I think about sums it up.